About us - Environmental Policy

At Colne Biomass we have a robust environmental policy. Our aim is to widen access to biomass technology and other renewable energies. We are also committed to doing everything we can to minimise the impact our business activities have on the environment.

Our environmental policy features six key pledges:

  • We will meet and, where possible, exceed the requirements of all relevant legislation.
  • We will optimise energy efficiency in our services, buildings and products.
  • Whenever possible we will re-use materials in our day-to-day operations.
  • We will encourage suppliers to be energy efficient and to minimise their impact on the environment.
  • In the designing and installing of biomass heating systems we will do everything we can to minimise visual and aural impact on the local environment.
  • We will regularly review our environmental policy and will ensure that all members of staff are aware of the policy.