fuel cost comparison calculator

1: Cost of fuel

Cost Per Supplied kg carbon per supplied
Cost Per unit of... kWh kWh
Mains natural gas 1 kWh
Heating Oil litre
Wood logs ton
Wood pellets ton
Electricity 1 kWh
Economy Electric 1 kWh

2: Use of Fuel

Enter the number of kWh required for heating in the white cell below. A year's central heating for a small flat may be about 5000, for a 2 bed home 7000, 3 bed home 10000, 4 bed home 18000. Heating one room (occasional) 1200, (full) 3000
Requirement: kWh
FUEL Efficiency % Cost kg carbon Quantity
Mains natural gas
Condensing boiler % kWh
Standard Boiler % kWh
Gas fire % kWh
Flueless fire % kWh
LFE fire % kWh
Heating Oil
Oil Boiler % litres
Oil Stove % litres
Log Boiler % kg
Log Stove % kg
Pellet Boiler % kg
Pellet Stove % kg
Electricity % kWh
Economy Electric % kWh