Pellets - Advantages

Mainly because of their low moisture content, wood pellets areĀ  a highly effective and efficient source of energy and produce a high heat output.

Wood pellets are usually made from compressed sawdust and wood shavings (by-products of sawmilling and other activities). However, they can be made from other biomass materials (eg straw, forestry residues, specially grown energy crops etc), which can be sourced locally to promote sustainability. They are now a major fuel source used in many parts of Europe, the USA and Canada.

Pellets adhere to strict standards in size, moisture content and energy density. This makes them easy to transport and store.

The environmental advantages of wood pellets are well documented. They release smaller amounts of ashes and harmful emissions into the environment than other types of fuel. The carbon dioxide that is released when they are burned is easily absorbed by growing plants, so does not add to global warming. And because they can be made from recycled waste products, they reduce landfill.